Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ice cream truck songs

sound so cool in the city
especially when accompanied by sirens.

Do ya really wanna hold my dirty hand?

Thursday nights are very argumentative in the tech. I'd rather write down all of the hilarious one-sided phone dialogues I've overheard because

I'm so out of ideas
but I like to say "see yas"

It makes it even better that I can't see what they look like, hahaaa

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby Bash is so good on Sundays

The moon looks sick. I felt so quiet today. Finally I'm not that anxious but I still have a spitload of pages to finish by Friday and I feel like more and more keep being added on by the day.
School is giving me the bumz.
I just wanna ride bikes around in the warm night and look at the pretty parts of the city- I'm getting tired of the shitty.
Last night turned out being wouper fun even though we all felt mad bad and soggy at first. I swear it's those low expectations that produce the bestest times but they're so hard to sustain.

Waiting for things to fall into place for me. Need to practice patience more often.
As Jackson would say:
It's a loss of precious energy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A blank page is the scariest thing

You can always erase or backspace but that first line is an investment of the soul's.

I think I finally felt the real world this week. I felt kind of alive and very scared at random times, but realized I am out of control, which is sort of a relief in some strange roundabout way. Or maybe it's just a cop out.
I think I waste so much time instead of actually focusing on what's in front of me, but who don't?
I need to learn to take meditative steps instead of running away and reflecting.
It would be nice to know if the feeling of regression was actually just proof of progression-
Cliche birthday bluessssssssssssss