Monday, February 22, 2010

When I Wake (I'm Still in a Dream)

It was one of those grey days
when you feel safe underneath the blanket of clouds.
Everything is muted:
The weather is mild and even
the sun is muffled, shining
strongly from an unimaginable amount of footsteps away,
trying to peak out of a puncture in the wool.

One of those days
when all you can do is listen to Simon & Garfunkel
and try to smile or cry and not be able to do either,
genuinely at least.

I've also had one of those eerie feelings like I've been remembering bits and parts of a dream I may or may not have had last night.
Or like I'm beginning to realize I can't wake up.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Disasters in the Sun

Sun, hollow friend -
his thick and unwholesome light
confounds the ignorant and
amazes the eyes.
Light is but sugar over the devil,
unpregnant of truth.
I am too much in the sun,
sick almost to doomsday.
Would the night were come!

Unmask her beauty,
the face of joy and mercy.
When the churchyards yawn
Hell itself breathes out justice to this world,
black night, full of truth, pure as snow.
Sleep, die - no more heartache
in the night's embrace.

-Ashley Tryba, Mary Jane Robinson, and William Shakespeare

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fucked Up was a little escape

Ben Cook, the third guitarist and back up vocals of the band, is my latest crush.
Keeping one eye on all 400+ pounds of Damian darting around the charmingly dingy room and the other on the stage, I found myself non-mosh-dancing in the middle of the standers.
Although I would have preferred to jump in with the rest of those crazy sweaty kiddos, I wasn't about to let no compression fracture leave me bummin' in the back during a show of this caliber; thus, girly head bang won again.

Two Snakes brought to surface images of the giant sand worm from Beetlejuice as usual, while Twice Born popped out seemlessly. A stupid smirk stuck on my face during the entirety of Black Albino Bones, and Crusades was epic - as expected.

It was all over in a flash but the ear-ringing and sweaty smiles of fellow fans was all endearing enough to dull the sad pang of another show over and another ride away from the city. But the truest remedy to a sunken heart is a Smiths-sing-along all the way home. And a cup of tension tamer tea. And some peanut butter pretzel nuggets.

Does anyone know how to make waterproof stickers?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome, snows

You change all the lead sleeping in my head