Monday, March 29, 2010

Misty Reflection

As mist stung my arms on this beautiful Monday evening, I recalled the events that made up my weekend that seemed to slip by quick as usual.
Friday was frisbee followed by baking. I baked Bambi's mini bleeding strawberry cupcakes and famous chocolate chips until I actually dropped. All worth it, of course, to hear reassuring "mmmms" and smiley munchers enjoying free music.
By fresh fire light, Tryina Be A Mammoth ( began the evening of free music with a soulfully sweet set like no one but Joe could have. He began bravely with a new song he had just completed a few hours prior. The entire set could not have been more charming what with us all cozied on the carpet of the cigar parlor, eyes fixed on the Mammoth's magic hands. Occasionally, I'd catch him let out a characteristic (and contagious) giggle.
Me and my crew of treat carriers packed up and moved on to enjoy the next show at Esteticks. Delicate Steve from North Jersey ( pleasantly surprised just about everyone in the sneaks store. Color was everywhere and although this was an entirely different atmosphere and acoustics set up, the crowd assimilated immediately; in fact, I believe we all skipped past the headbobfoottap and went right to a hop.
Next stop was Sparta Philharmonic ( at Siren. I always enjoy this band of brothers- lol-but seriously. I've seen them probably about 4 times at very different venues throughout the Doylestown area, and each time was equally as mind blowing. The pair excretes so much power, it's almost uncomfortable. Yet, it is impossible to turn away. I've honestly never seen so much passion condensed into a few live songs and I'm always yearning for that blast of crunch finale.

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  1. Bambi's Mini Bleeding Strawberry Cupcakes? I have to get a recipe for that.