Sunday, October 3, 2010

Secret basement show was awesome

Dragged to a party by some pals- after filling my waterbottle with beer cuz i wasn't bout to buy a "cup" I heard noises from oozing from below and realized there was a cool fucking show in the basement. Slutever apparently opened again, but I missed them, Factors of 4 was pretty cool, I really freaking loved Vermillion Sands, a sweet italian band. Pretty sure Jordan scared the lead singer afterwards because he's a funny creep. Omar ended the show and people got jumpy and fun, I was craving a little more pushmosh though. I'm really starting to realize how other people behave at shows is almost as important as how hard the band kills it(if they kill it atall).

Donno why I'm typing it, but the party was basically perfect because upstairs on the tele was a South Park marathon. How did they know exactly what I wanted out of a night even when I didn't? c0lL3gE is magic.

Went home tonight which was weird but nice I guess. Tryna enjoy dat fallness in the air, but I'm feelin' strange.

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