Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Start to Melt

In approximately a month, I've become more of that person I never thought I'd be, but I don't think it's bad..
Having a real hard time focusing, but maybe it's because of all the stimulation.
I have so much to be appreciative and finally feel that I'm taking advantage of the city, but it's easy to get lost. I'm relying pretty hard on the reassurance from everyone in my life that I'm real, but I guess I've always done that in a way.

So far, in short: Art Museum and Franklin Institute didn't let me down, Here We Go Magic was exceptional, weekend at Laundromat/Fuck Mountain was super-funs, Wavves was awesome but Best Coast blew, been eatin' good and applying at a billion veggie places all over da Philth of Delphia. O! And ran freals the other day and felt awesomely invisible in center city. Still happily sore.

Saw Dara Lovitz speak tonight at Grindcore.
I haven't really thought about vegan politicians or vegans involved with law. It's crazy that I forget we come in all shapes and sizes. Or, I guess it's not that I forget- I just don't know very many real live grown ups still siked on veganism let alone everything. I'm beginning to realize that people with my same outlook do turn out to be successful in not selling all the way out. While somewhat comforting and reassuring, I feel like by the time I grow up, which is probably going to be never, all of my daydreams would have already been lived by other people.

But for now I get to soak in bike rides on mild nights without really worrying about that too much.
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