Monday, December 21, 2009

I was walking with a goat

So, within the past couple days, my brother knowingly pooped in a room with a scorpion, we met this part-albino girl from Alaska, two cool kids from South Africa, got sugarhi off 50 Tings (grapefruit soda) and 38 daquiris, I’ve misplaced Walden but read the first act of Hamlet, I found tofu on the island, we swam with a sea turtle, and yes, I walked up Mount Gorda with goats. This morning, we climbed through the baths. Right now, it is 10:48 our time and approx 86 degrees F and my brother is blasting MGMT. Roosters woke us up at 4:30 this morning. Just kidding, he switched it to Crystal Castles. The chunks in this coconut water are super yummy and everything is so beautiful, its unreal. An infinite amount of mom art can not begin to communicate what I can see from the porch hammock. Speaking of moms, I talked to mine and things are going smoother than expected. My dad is purple (with sunburn) as usual.

“The UK version is crazy-better than the US version. Here comes the BREAKDOWN”- Mikie on Cruel Summer.

Gotta go debate 6 year old cuz lyke everyone knows dance party overthrows Monkey Kick on Nintendo DS while the parents are gone. L8rs


I, for one, enjoyed of my Tegan & Sara reference

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