Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The First Day of School

Doctors' office secretaries are always slamming the slamming the sliding plastic partition shut as if some of our illness or injury will somehow find its way through and onto their frenchfries. Today was not the best of days, not only because I hate regression and this whole situation is one big regression and each little regression seems to just tap me over the edge of sanity for a few hours like in a game of break the ice, but also because I hate novocaine and the big puffy but frozen tingly numbness it leaves behind.
Lately, I feel like I've become a couch potato. What a dreadful thing to become-how upsetting it is to binge on television and get sucked into the computer, wasting my life away- especially now. There's nothing worse than looking at the clock to find its now three hours later even though you only intended to check your email and get things sorted out before tackling your todo list. Scribbling some pathetic answers on how-do-you-feel-about-this-and-that-worksheets was the only thing I could do to make myself feel a little bit better about watching an episode of Hung, one of Weeds, and ending with Madmen. OnDemand has become my new comfort food.
Here's hoping I'll wake up on the right side tomorrow.

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